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What To Do When Your Roof Starts Leaking

Everyone has had it happen to them at least once in their lives. Let’s say you’ve had your roof for about ten years now. Everything was going great with it; until one day, you leave your house and come back to find that the ceiling is wet. You go up there to find out what’s causing this leakage, but since most people don’t know where their roof starts, you may have a bit of a time finding it. 

Identification of the problem is essential before jumping directly for a solution. It might have been on the ceiling of your room, or you might have found a puddle of water. 

The first thing you want to do is find out which part of the roof is leaking. This one could be tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for, but some clues can help. 

One way to find out where the leak is coming from is to look around the roof for wet spots. Then, compare those wet spots with where water might naturally hit. 

There could also be a few other reasons for this occurrence, such as placement of the gutters or ventilation. These things need to be checked and fixed if they are causing the roof leak.

Another thing that may cause your roof to leak is age. If you have owned your home for over fifty years (depending on where you live), then you might want to consider replacing the shingles.

If you do not want to spend too much on roof repairs, start following these ideas right away.
1.Use of Wooden Shakes:

One of the easiest things that you can do is to use wooden shakes. Wooden shingles can ensure that you get a water-proof layer along with the aesthetic appeal. They come in various styles and sizes which you can choose from according to your taste. One great advantage of using them is that you can place them on your rooftop with ease.

  1. Use of Insulation:

Another method you can use to stop the leakage in your rooftop is using insulation. Include all types of insulation applications as there are many benefits associated with them. In this scenario, one of the most vital ones is saving a lot on energy bills.

Insulate your rooftop with the help of professional help. 

Have all the material in place before you start working on it, including insulation, tar paper, and drip edges. Ensure that you have kept enough space around the pipe flashings when laying out the sheeting for this purpose.

  1. Dispose of the Water Correctly:

If you clean up all the water that comes down from the roof after a rainstorm immediately (preferably before it seeps into the ground and ruins your property), it should reduce your chances of leakage. If you let all the water come down the roof and then clean it up by yourself, it will consume much of your time since you need to wait till all the water has seeped into the ground before cleaning it up successfully.

  1. Cleaning of Gutters:

Although gutters are often considered an afterthought in homeowners’ maintenance routines, they play a pretty important role in protecting your roof. The reason is simple: gutters are conduits for water running off your roof to drain freely away from the walls of your house. So it makes sense to keep your gutters free of things that can clog them up, like fallen leaves and branches, which could make the problem worse. So, You should take care not to let anything obstruct them.

  1. Use of Water Proof Barriers:

The best way to protect your roof from water damage is to place a water-proof barrier over the surface of your roof. It will ensure that no part of your home’s structure or drywall gets damaged. There are several types of blockades with the versatility of benefits available on the market. 

Final Words

It is not easy to spend money on your roof repair. Not every homeowner appreciates the time-consuming repairing process. But it is every home owner’s responsibility to have proper maintenance of their living place. Hopefully, these tips will assist you to prolong the safety of your roofs.

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