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What Is An Emergency Roof Repair?

Roof repairs should be treated as urgently as any other home improvement or repair project. However, there are some roof jobs that are more urgent than others. The most critical roof jobs are considered true emergencies.

There are three levels of roof repair urgency. What is a true “Roofing Emergency”?

There are many situations that can easily be considered a roof repair emergency. These are four key examples.

Your roof has been damaged by a tree, branch or other wind-borne or falling object. The roof has begun to cave in and the weather and outside creatures can now enter your home.

Storms can cause major roof leakage by ripping off flashing and/or shingles. When it rains, the water quickly and abundantly comes in.

Your roof is in such bad shape that you need to cover it with a tarp to stop water damage. To prevent further damage, a temporary “patch job” may be necessary.

You might have a fire on a portion of your roof. Even if the shingles are intact, this can cause damage to the roof deck and roofing. This should be done immediately.

What is a “Semi Emergency” Roof Repair?

Each leak needs immediate attention. However, not all leaks are serious. Although a small, slow leak might require immediate attention from a roofing contractor, a full-scale emergency may not be required.

Procrastinating about semi-emergencies is dangerous until they become real emergencies. It is human nature to be able “get by for awhile longer”. It is better to stop the problem and schedule a roof repair appointment as soon as possible.

What are the Most Urgent Roof Repairs?

Roof repair is probably the most important (or even THE most urgent) item on your entire house. There are however some roof needs that are more urgent than others.

Hail damage, for example, would require a visit from your insurance agent and an inspection of the roof. Damaged shingles might need to be replaced due to hail damage, which can cause them to lose their durability over time. It’s usually not an urgent need.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be done today if your roofing system is showing signs of age. The sooner you replace your roofing, the better. You will be able to eliminate the inherent risks, increase curb appeal and have a water barrier that is more durable and low-maintenance over the years.

Roofers cannot go up onto the roof if conditions are not hazardous. Repairs can’t be made if there are storms, rain, or high winds. You can contact a roofing contractor immediately and set a date for inspection and repair.

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