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The Black Cowboy Museum, Rosenberg, TX: Honoring a Forgotten Legacy

In the heart of Rosenberg, Texas, stands a small but significant tribute to a forgotten chapter of American history – The Black Cowboy Museum. This unique institution sheds light on the often-overlooked contributions of African-American cowboys to the development of the American West.  Rosenberg, TX can be seen here. 

Preserving a Hidden History

Founded by Larry Callies, The Black Cowboy Museum is a labor of love dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history and heritage of Black cowboys. In a region where ranching and cowboy culture played a vital role, the museum provides an essential platform for understanding the significant role African Americans played in the American West. Click here to read about Travis Park, Rosenberg, TX: A Vibrant Community Hub.

Exploring the Exhibits

Visitors to the museum can explore a fascinating collection of artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia that tell the stories of Black cowboys and their impact on the West. Exhibits showcase the history of rodeos, ranching, and the challenges African American cowboys faced, such as segregation and discrimination.

Larry Callies: The Man Behind the Museum

Larry Callies, a lifelong resident of Rosenberg and a dedicated historian, founded the museum in 2017. His mission is to ensure that the contributions of Black cowboys are not forgotten. Callie’s passion for this history is evident in the meticulous curation of the museum’s exhibits and his dedication to educating visitors.

Educational Opportunities

The Black Cowboy Museum offers educational programs for schools and groups, making it an excellent field trip destination for students. These programs provide insight into the history of Black cowboys, their unique skills, and their cultural impact.

Supporting the Museum

The museum is a nonprofit organization, and support from the community and visitors is crucial to its continued operation. Donations and memberships help sustain the museum and its educational programs, ensuring that this valuable history is preserved and shared.

Visiting the Museum

The Black Cowboy Museum is located at 1100 Avenue G, Rosenberg, TX. It is open to the public on weekends and by appointment during the week. Admission is free, but donations are encouraged to support the museum’s mission.

For those interested in uncovering a hidden facet of American history and honoring the often-neglected stories of Black cowboys, a visit to The Black Cowboy Museum in Rosenberg, Texas, is an enriching and enlightening experience. It stands as a testament to the resilience, skill, and invaluable contributions of African Americans in shaping the American West.