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Signs Wind Has Damaged Your Roof

Many people don’t notice the signs that the wind has damaged their roof until there is significant damage. Sometimes, it can be tough to tell if your roof has been damaged by wind or just by bad weather in general.

Look for these signs that wind has knocked shingles loose or blown away tiles and you may see clues to an underlying problem with your roof .

Loose shingles:

If there are any shingles blowing around your yard, it’s a good idea to check the rest of the roof for damage. Chances are, if there is one loose shingle, more will be loose as well. Sometimes you might find only one or two loosened tiles, but they should alert you to the possibility of more damage. You might also find tree branches or other debris stuck underneath loose shingles, which further proves wind has damaged your roof by blowing tiles and possibly other shingles off.

  1. Missing tiles:

Wind can easily blow away tiles, especially if they are lightweight clay or plastic tiles. If you find a whole row of tiles missing from your roof, it’s pretty certain that wind has damaged your roof. Also look for tile debris on the ground below to further prove that wind has damaged your roof .

  1. Curled shingles:

Shingles can be curled or buckled if they have been subjected to heat or high winds. There are times when shingles may curl due to temperature changes, but usually it’s an indicator that wind has damaged your roof. Curled shingles can also be a sign that water is leaking into your home .

  1. Blistering:

Blisters on tiles are caused by high heat or prolonged exposure to sunlight. Blistering can also be an indicator that wind has damaged your roof. Curled shingles are curled because of direct sunlight exposure. If you notice blistering, it might be time to replace the tiles on your roof right away .

  1. High-pitched noise:

If you step onto your roof and hear a high-pitched noise, it’s possible that wind is blowing through your tiles. You might also hear the high-pitched noise if you are standing near the area where the wind has damaged your roof .

  1. Sagging tiles:

If you have a tile roof on your home, look for signs of sagging in the tiles or shingles on your roof. This can cause interior leaks and damage to ceilings and walls if it’s not repaired quickly .

  1. Cracked or split tiles:

Wind doesn’t just blow shingles askew or off of your roof. It can also crack tiles, causing them to break easily under foot. Broken tiles are a good indicator that wind has damaged your roof.

  1. Rub marks:

If you have a low-pitched clay or metal roof, it’s possible that wind might rub the tiles askew. Look for small areas where the tiles are no longer level and/or rub marks on the surface of the tile. This is a good indicator that wind has damaged your roof .

  1. Ripples:

If you have a tile roof, it’s possible that low spots from rippled tiles could be the result of wind damage. Check around your chimney for any areas where there might be ripples in the tiles or shingles on your roof . This is a good indicator that wind has damaged your roof.

  1. Curled underlayment:

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, look for curled pieces of the underlayment or felt that might be sticking out of your shingles. If you find any, it’s an indication that wind has damaged your roof by blowing tiles off your home . When wind blows against your home , it can cause the underlayment of your roof to lift up, which leaves it vulnerable to water damage .

  1. Missing nails:

When wind has damaged your roof, you will probably find that some of the nails that secure tiles or shingles might be missing. If you find any empty nail holes with no nails in them or any loose shingles with no nails at all, it’s a good indicator that wind has damaged your roof.

In addition to structural damage, wind can have a number of different effects on the roof. You just need to notice these signs so that roof refinement could be done before any severe damage.

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