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Here at Beinert Roofing we are experts at installing tile roofing. Tile roofs are a great choice for many conditions. For example, they are excellent for areas that receive heavy rain or snowfall and have a fairly extreme temperature range during the year. Tile is also very durable and will last longer than most other kinds of materials commonly used for roofing in an area.

Tile Roofing System

Why you should choose a tile roofing system

Tile has been around forever! In fact, archaeologists have found tiles from ancient Mesopotamia intact today when they excavate, so it can definitely handle harsh weather! These days tile has come a long way and there are now many different styles of tile roofs available to choose from depending on your needs and wants – glazed clay tiles you cannot freeze or burn, sandstone tiles that are naturally lightweight and fire-resistant.

There are several types of tiles roofing materials that are considered more durable than others. The first is clay tiles, made from fired clay that was originally created for medieval campfires. Now they are used to line the rooftops of buildings in areas with extreme weather conditions as well. The next is concrete tiles, which can be produced in a variety of styles and shapes and also come in glazed or unglazed varieties.

The rubber roofing material known today as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) was initially invented by Goodyear Rubber Company in response to a World War II military contract bid for an airfield runway surface that needed to be both lightweight and easily installable so it could be rolled out quickly – think about how important “battlefield readiness” must.

We feel clay tiles and concrete tile roofs are the best option because they are the most natural and environmentally friendly. Clay tiles have been used for over 1,000 years and concrete roof tiles originated in France during the 1930s (so they aren’t exactly new technology). Both clay and concrete roofs carry an organic or “green” feel to them which is very attractive to our clients. Clay tile roofs also come with a life-time warranty against shingle blow off from high winds, making them well protected against Mother Nature’s forces of nature.

Bothe clay and concrete offer supreme noise control. All of the tests performed on both clay and concrete tile roofs have proven to be more quiet than asphalt shingles or metal roofs. Concrete tiles are known for being noisier but most companies who use them now offer a noise dampening underlayment which makes it easier for our clients to get what they want and that is peace and quiet in their homes. In many instances, we’ve found that when having a new roof installed, builders tend to skimp on the insulation in attics because they know the new roof will make up where the old one left off (especially with plywood). The result is an attic full of cold air during winter months that flows freely into all your heating zones causing higher bills.

You should always consider the fire rating on a roofing tile before choosing a product. It’s also important to read the fine print and not just focus on the rating of the tile material. You need to know which temperature the heat will be when it rises above that point in order for a fire resistant roof membrane to work as claimed. In addition, you should pay close attention if there are any specific conditions such as low slope, open attics, and covered porches. As an example: A common misconception is that all shingles must have a Class ‘A’ Fire Rating. That’s not true! Any shingle with an ice & water shield or ice & water barrier qualifies for a Class ‘A’ even without one of those classifications on the label. Therefore you need to check your warranty carefully before.

Do some research on durability for each roofing tile material type that you are considering, because different materials last longer than others. Durability is one of the most important factors to consider when considering roof tiles. What happens if one or two of your shingles get damaged? Will the entire roof be affected by it? This is why using materials with at least a 50 year warranty is critical, such as certain shingle types and tile coatings.

The weight, size & thickness of different roofing material options will vary greatly from product to product, so definitely do some comparison shopping! However, having a lightweight roof isn’t necessarily a good thing. A lightweight material means that they can be easily blown away by high winds. It also makes for an easier task while removing snow off the roof as you can simply push it with your shovel instead of needing to lift them up first (for the lighter tiles).

How well can the tiles you have in mind stand up to high winds and hail? This is a big thing to think about depending where your home is located.  Pretty much all of the materials listed above will have some sort of wind resistance. Some are better than others, though.  For example fiberglass is significantly better at withstanding high winds (especially in hail) than other lightweight options like tar and gravel. Furthermore, steel roofing usually has more wind protection built into its design so it can be a very good option depending on where you live or if you feel it’ll keep your home safer during stormy weathers.

Weigh the pros and cons of each product carefully before you decide which material to go with! Consider how long they last as well behind this decision. If one part of your home needs replacing, do the rest need doing too? Here is some information on shingle roofing which can also be a good choice for a roof replacement.

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