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Metal Roofing System Pros & Cons

The initial step in choosing a metal roof for your home is deciding on the material that will suit your needs. Our expert team can help you decide what type of metal roof would be most beneficial to choose based on pricing, durability, life span, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

One of the most popular metal roof designs on the market today is the standing seam metal roof system. As the name implies, this type of system features a roof that has standing seams.

The standing seam is one of the most important components in determining the quality and durability of a metal roofing system. There are two major types of design when it comes to metal roofing systems. The first type uses 3 nails per strip which eases installation but increases chances for water penetration through fractures between the seams. In addition, these systems use shorter fastening strips which produce more waste during manufacturing – doing so also raises energy costs to create this lower-grade product.

The second type consists of a 4 or 5-nail locking design, and longer nails that penetrate further into the material creating a higher-quality seal around each joint.

Now let talk about the pros and cons of the standing seam metal roof system. First, standing seam metal roofing has many benefits. For instance stainless steel corrosion protection is incredibly long-lasting and great for regions where various types of weather is common all year round. It also provides much higher energy efficiency compared to other materials – i.e., it can reduce heat from entering and exiting your home. Also, if properly installed, they won’t leak or rust through after many years of use so that’s another positive point in the standing seam metal roof system as well . In addition, this type of material doesn’t require traditional wood shingles because nails are used to seal each joint instead – which means you’ll have a lower environmental footprint overall due to reduced waste production unlike with wood shingle systems .

They also off great curb appeal and ascetics to your home in general so if you want to change up the look of your roof, then this is a great option as well. Many homeowners are looking for a change in the way their roof looks anyway so it’s a great way to switch things up .

The added durability and corrosion resistance is also a huge plus as well – especially if you live in an area that sees frequent storms or high winds, which can only add to the structural integrity of your house. Add on top of that the long life expectancy and you’re looking at a super cost effective option in terms of roofing materials overall.

Of course, all this comes with one major drawback: how much it costs because steel isn’t cheap . You can expect to pay around $10 per square foot for installation whereas regular shingle roofs only run about $6 per square foot already installed . Nevertheless , many homeowners are willing to invest more into their home when they find out that this a more durable solution.

What are some of the cons of a metal roof?

Rusting is a concern, but there are methods to avoid it. Even though steel roofs can last for decades and don’t need replacement nearly as often as asphalt shingles, their longevity comes with a bit of extra upkeep in the form of rust protection . Here’s how you can keep your metal roof looking good longer:

Always make sure that all debris and vegetation stays off of your roof. Leaves that fall from trees will accumulate on the surface and likely cause some damage over time because organic matter like leaves tend to hold moisture underneath them. A buildup of any type on the structure could lead to more problems later such as fungi growth- or even leaks if the pressure builds up enough under the top layer.

At least once a year have your metal roof inspected by a professional. Any problems will be detected and you can take care of the repairs before they lead to more serious issues. It is always a good idea to have your roof checked right after a storm as well, if any damage was done it should show up immediately. The sooner that any scratches or other blemishes found are repaired, the less chance there is of rust developing due to exposure.

If you see rust spots on your metal roofing system then you want to make sure that they are taken care of quickly. I t may seem like too little damage for some people and something that can wait but believe me when I say this- DON’T WAIT . The longer you leave these small spots alone, the larger they grow and the more work

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