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Most Common Roof Problems

How many times have you checked your roof’s condition? It’d surprise you to see how many people neglect their roofs until it’s too late, and then they are faced with problems that they cannot ignore.

Your roof protects more than one of your most important investments. It also protects you and your family.

It doesn’t matter how sturdy it was when it was installed. But, over time, the sun and storms will cause it to deteriorate and show signs of wear. To avoid serious roofing problems, it is advisable to inspect your roof regularly.

It’s amazing to see the extent of damage that a small leak can cause if it isn’t detected.

We’ll show you how to fix common roof problems so you don’t have to.

1. Roof Leaks

Most homeowners have roof leaks as their most frequent roofing problem. Leaks can be caused by many roof problems, including broken shingles.

Most likely, leaks will be found near chimneys, gutters, flashing points and pipes.

The leak will usually be located at least three feet from the source. It is best to check the attic for evidence of the leak. Use a flashlight to inspect the attic for any water stains, mold or black marks.

If you cannot reach the attic due to a vaulted ceiling, the problem is only visible from the roof. It is best to hire a professional roofing company to fix the problem.

2. Damaged flashing

Flashing is a material made from plastic or sheet metal that is used to protect the creases of fixtures like skylights and chimneys.

Flashing can also be used to protect venting pipes beneath your roofing materials. The fixtures can become susceptible to moisture and water if the flashing material is damaged or cracked.

Check all areas that have flashing. If you find any cracks, replace it.

Some surrounding materials may have to be removed in order for the shingles to be removed and installed. A roofing contractor may be able to help you if this is not possible.

3. Broken or missing shingles

The sealant that attaches your shingles to the roof can wear off and cause it to break off or loosen. The sealant can be damaged by nature, rodents or wear and tear.

It is possible for shingles to start to fall off depending on how old your roof is. This should be normal.

It’s easy to fix this problem because you only need to replace the shingle. If you don’t need a single shingle, you can buy a set and replace any that are causing problems. You can also replace the shingles yourself if you are a handyman.

4. Granules Clogging Downspouts

Granules may be visible in a roof that is relatively new. If your roof is older and you notice granules in the downspout, it could be a sign your shingles have become weaker and need to be replaced.

Granules are an important part of the roof as they protect it against UV rays. Once they fall off, the roofing shingles become vulnerable and crack.

Clogging your gutters is one of the first signs that you have fallen granules. Unless you have so many leaves or twigs in your gutters, they may be granules and need to be replaced.

5. Stagnant water or pooling water

If your gutters get clogged or the debris piles on your roof catch water, moisture can collect and form stagnant water. This can cause roof damage.

Standing water quickly becomes mold or mildew which eats away roofing material, leading to roofing problems.

You should be concerned about stagnant rain if you have a flat roof. Tapered areas are created above the roof to allow water to run off. Regular inspections by a professional contractor will prevent long-term roof problems.

6. Freezing Damages

Your roof’s life expectancy will be reduced if it is constantly exposed to snow and ice. Cold weather is the worst time for roofing problems.

Ice water melts slowly so it can’t be thrown away quickly. This can lead to stagnant water, which can penetrate the roof and cause problems.

Even worse, water can freeze in cold weather if it gets under the surface.

Water freezes. It expands and pushes against shingles. This leaves an opening that allows more water in. You will have roofing problems when it gets warm.

This is something you will need to do.

7. Tree damage

Damage from fallen branches is one of the most common problems homeowners have with their roofs.

Although you may believe that only large branches can cause damage to your roof, smaller branches can actually cause irreparable damage to your roof.

This is where you can help: Trim your tree branches as soon as they reach the roof.

If it is a threat to your safety, you can have the tree removed and replanted elsewhere.

8. Roof Materials Damaged

These can be anything, including shingles, tiles and sealants.

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent a roof from deteriorating. It is important to catch these issues quickly so that they don’t cause more serious problems.

For example, leaks can cause moisture to seep into the roof, causing serious damage. Shrinking roofing materials can cause cracks and deterioration, and flashing may need to be removed.

To prevent these problems from becoming more serious, schedule a maintenance visit with your roofing contractor.

It’s always smart to address these roofing problems before it’s too late!

These are the top roofing problems that can be fixed to help maintain your roof.

It is best to get them fixed before they become serious problems. Are you unsure how to fix a leak?

Are you feeling like now is the right time for a roof maintenance inspection? You might have multiple roofing issues that you need to be addressed. Get in touch with us to have our professional contractors assist you, we start with a free roof inspection looking for damage!

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