Use a Modified Bitumen Membrane For a Top-Notch Roof

Use a Modified Bitumen Membrane For a Top-Notch Roof

Improve your commercial roofing in Richmond or Corpus Christi, TX

You have a lot going on when it comes to the inside of your business. Let Beinert Roofing & Restoration LLC worry about what's going on outside, specifically up on your roof. Our commercial roofing services cover any installation you need.

We can install modified bitumen roofing, a kind of membrane roofing that protects your building from rain, wind, heat and humidity. These roofs typically last up to 20 years and save you a lot of money on heating and air conditioning bills.

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Try modified bitumen, the modern alternative to built-up roofing

Modified bitumen membranes can be installed over hot asphalt or cold adhesive. Some are self-adhering while others are attached using heat welding or torches. Modified bitumen is a roofing material that:

  • Won’t tear
  • Shields against water
  • Is energy-efficient
  • Can be repaired with ease
  • Expands and contracts without losing its shape

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