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How to Block Roof Leaks While You Wait for Repairs

A roof leak can be a major problem for any homeowner. If you are experiencing leaking or water damage in your home, it is important to call a professional Roofing Company right away. Getting repairs done quickly will prevent further damage and costly repair bills down the road. The following article offers tips on how to stop leaks while you wait for the professionals to arrive.

1. Cover exposed and damaged areas of your roof with a tarp

When using a tarp to cover damaged areas, make sure to cover the tarps with plastic sheets or other waterproof material. This will create a seal to stop any leaks and keep your roof dry while you wait for professionals to fix things.

Not are tarps are created equal and will protect your roof in different ways. For example, tarps made of vinyl are best for covering your roof when it is exposed to the sun and heat all day. Tarps made from polyethylene will also protect your home from UV rays as well as rain or snow runoff that may create more problems in other areas of the house.

Check with a professional roofing company about which type they use on their jobs before purchasing one for yourself at an outdoor goods store or hardware store.

Always make sure you cover any damaged areas entirely so water does not leak through onto floors below where people could slip and fall later down the road!

2. Use Plastic Roofing Cement

Plastic roofing cement is another option for making a temporary fix to your roof. Plastic cement will form a waterproof barrier on the surface of the roof which can stop leaks and water damage until it is properly repaired by professionals

You do not need any other tools or equipment for this task! All you need is some plastic sheeting, like those used in tarps, and a bucket with enough hot water to cover the damaged area of your roof.

Add a little bit of water to plastic sheeting and then use it as an easy-to-apply layer on top of exposed areas that are leaking or damaged. Once you have covered all sides, apply some plastic roof cement over the new patch by pouring it in with a bucket and mixing it into what is left in the tarp from covering up damage initially. If needed, press down any patches until they harden and let them dry for 24 hours before removing tarps if necessary

This will form an excellent seal against leaks when done properly!

3. Use Roofing Tape

Not as common as the two options mentioned above. However, roofing tape is also a great choice for stopping roof leaks. It will form an air-tight seal to stop any water from leaking onto your floor below as long as it’s used properly

If you choose this option, the first thing you want to do is seal off all around the area of damaged or exposed areas on your roof with a tarp and plastic sheeting before applying roofing tape overtop so that no moisture can get in while waiting for repairs

Roofing tape must be applied directly over already sealed-up tarps and liners otherwise they won’t work!

4. Craft DIY Shingles

Feeling creative? If you’re feeling ambitious and have some time on your hands, take the crafty approach by making DIY shingles for repairing exposed or damaged areas.

This option requires for obvious reasons more work than the other methods mentioned above. However, it is a great way to save money and also be environmentally conscious about how you make your repairs.

Remember these are just some quick options that are effective in stopping other parts of your home from being damaged while you wait for professionals to arrive!

If you suspect your home’s roof has been compromised give Beinert Roofing & Restoration the opportunity to treat you like family and repair or replace your roof and protect your home for years to come. Contact us here for more information or for immediate assistance calls us at 832.449.3247

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