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Beinert Roofing & Restoration LLC is your go-to company for property restoration and improvement work. We offer commercial roofing, residential roofing, and contracting services. Our team of in-house professional roofing contractors can also restore commercial buildings that have suffered extensive damage. A new roof is a necessity to protect your home from leaks and other damage. With over 20 years of hands on experience in the industry, we truly understand a homeowners concerns and reservations when needing to replace the roof on their home. For this reason we built our business around the needs of our clients and stand ready to help make replacing your roof as painless as possible.

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Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

With over 20 years of hands-on experience in the roofing industry, we have accumulated the knowledge to handle any roofing project for your home. Quickly and efficiently making the process as smooth as possible. Our GAF master elite residential roofing contractors do all this while still providing excellent quality! We are your go-to residential roofing company in Baton Rouge, LA!

Roof Replacement and new install

Roof Replacements

Our specialty is new installation and replacements. In the last 20 years working, getting our hands dirty every day. We have learned how to install a new roof and replace your roof correctly the first time. Eliminating rework, and costly repairs saving you money down the road! Give us a call we are ready to take on your next project today!

Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

Although not our favorite type of roofing job. Someone has to get dirty and help you protect your home/investment. We are a local contractor ready to apply our years of knowledge to your next roof repair. If you are not sure whether your roof needs to be replaced or a repair is an option. We provide free inspections and estimates!

Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial Roofing

Our staff of trained, experienced commercial roofing contractors will assess the condition of your roof and tell you how much work it needs and how much it is going to cost. We pride ourselves on hard work, and honest estimates. Helping businesses protect their commercial investment. With more than two decades of commercial roof replacement experience Beinert Roofing & Restoration LLC is a GAF master elite certified installer!

Most frequently asked questions and answers

Owning any kind of property comes with many diverse responsibilities. It’s critical to stay on top of your home or businesses roofing system. Although roofs are in many cases made using first-class materials, they never stay in flawless condition permanently. That’s precisely the reason that people have to replace them after years or decades. Complete roofing system replacement understandably is a pretty complex and time-consuming project. It calls for more time than repair work does. If your roof is due for full replacement, then you may want to learn about how much time the whole process may take.

In this article we will take a in depth look at the entire roof replacement process. Click here to continue reading!

If you’re a proud homeowner, then you most likely know a lot about homeowners insurance and how it operates. This type of insurance can be a good thing for a plenitude of reasons. It can safeguard your living space, first of all. It can safeguard the possessions that you maintain inside of your living space all the same. It can even offer you the convenience of liability coverage. Roofing systems are major components of any and all residential properties. That’s why you may find yourself wondering whether homeowners insurance actually pays for the full replacement of roof.  Click here to read more!

It can be impossible to predict exactly when you’ll will have to replace your roof. That’s because replacement times depend on a variety of factors. If you make a point to keep your roof in excellent shape with regular professional maintenance, then it may last you a lot longer then you may think.

Click here to read more about this topic!

Roof repairs should be treated as urgently as any other home improvement or repair project. However, there are some roof jobs that are more urgent than others. The most critical roof jobs are considered true emergencies.

There are three levels of roof repair urgency. What is a true “Roofing Emergency”?

There are many situations that can easily be considered a roof repair emergency. These are four key examples.

Your roof has been damaged by a tree, branch or other wind-borne or falling object. The roof has begun to cave in and the weather and outside creatures can now enter your home.

Storms can cause major roof leakage by ripping off flashing and/or shingles. When it rains, the water quickly and abundantly comes in.

Your roof is in such bad shape that you need to cover it with a tarp to stop water damage. To prevent further damage, a temporary “patch job” may be necessary.

You might have a fire on a portion of your roof. Even if the shingles are intact, this can cause damage to the roof deck and roofing. This should be done immediately. Learn more!

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Baton Rouge’s  “premier” roofing company! How can we claim such a title? When you combine our decades of combined experience and hundreds of happy customers we’ve earned it. We earned it by providing a custom solution to each of our clients. Understanding, not every roofing project is the same. Our GAF Master Elite roofers can install a state-of-the-art roofing system custom to your home backed by the best warranty in the industry! 

GAF Roofing Master Select Roofing Contractor

Its always more than just a roof, maybe its a school, a business, a church. Different buildings/roofs have different needs. That’s  why we always start with your problem and develop a custom solutions. We are GAF master elite roofing installers. Because of this Master Elite status our work qualifies for the best warranty in the industry.


We’ve been a preferred local roofing contractor in Baton Rouge and the Southern Louisiana Region since 2011. Mr. Beinert has over 20 years of contracting experience, and the rest of our team is highly skilled, too. Some of our claims to fame include:

Certified CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator
Certified GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor
BBB accreditation
National Roofing Contractors of Association (NCRA) member
Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) member

Our team values your satisfaction above all else. We’ll even work with your insurance provider to get your damage claim processed.

Make us your preferred roofing company in the Southern Louisiana Region. Call now to make an appointment.


*Free Roof inspections by qualified professionals
*Specialize in hail and wind storm claims
*We handle the claim from start to finish
*We provide emergency tarping
*100% Licensed ,insured & bonded


We offer financing options for each of our clients. If you’re military personnel, you can also take advantage of our $250 rebate on GAF shingles. If you’re looking for a professional roofing contractor in New Orleans, you can count on us to provide you with affordable services. Beinert Roofing and Restoration LLC is committed to providing top quality roofing services. Ever since our company was founded, we have built an impressive portfolio of experience, understanding, and expertise of the roofing industry. Our promise to you is to have highly skilled, properly trained and experienced team members, ready to serve any of your home’s roofing needs. Operate our business and serve our customers with hard work and integrity. Always providing honest estimates and expert opinions related to your home.

Call 504-345-2931 now to get a free estimate on your project.

We are a leading residential and commercial roofing company in the Baton Rouge area. Here is some more information on different roof types when it comes to design and composition. Even though most roofing materials have a long lifespan, with the extreme conditions and weather of the southern Louisiana region trust in us to help you protect your investment. Our trained experts install roofs designed to last their full potential and save you money. We have over 20 years of experience installing and maintaining every type of roof known to man!  Flat roofs even though they are not technically roofing materials, flat roofs have special needs similar to other roof types. Most commercial roofs are flat or close to flat, membrane, or metal roofs. Shingles are a type of roof covering designed for pitched roofs. They are usually laid in an overlapping style and come in various materials that include ceramic, composite, fiber cement, asphalt, slate, and wood. Metal roofs are the most durable roofing materials available. Metal roofs are becoming more popular everyday on the Gulf Coast.

We know all too well that nothing on this planet really lasts forever. The roof on your home is certainly no exception to this rule. It doesn’t matter how sturdy or how dependable your roof is, either. It inevitably will start to wear down. Roofing systems tend to stay in top-notch working order for anywhere between two and three decades or so. If you start noticing issues with your roof, then it could be a sign that the need for full replacement is in your near future. When you need quality roof replacements in your area, all you have to do give Beinert Roofing & Restoration LLC a call! We have trained roofing professionals ready to serve you.

When we think about our roof, it’s often a necessary evil – something that protects us from the elements but is best ignored. But there are many reasons why roof repair and maintenance should be on your to-do list year-round. The size of your home, how old it is and the type of shingles you have can all affect its lifespan – if you’re not prepared for these eventualities then you might find yourself with an expensive leak or worse! Let this place take care of your roof repair so that you never have to worry about replacing it again.

 Maintaining your roof correctly increases its lifespan. This is likely the most obvious benefit of roof repair and maintenance, and one that has been proven scientifically. Roofs typically last ten to fifteen years on average if they are not maintained properly or repaired after deterioration begins – but a well-maintained roof with no major issues can be expected to last twenty years or more.

 As mentioned above, the size of your home and its age can both affect how long it will last. If you have a large roof that is past its prime then you could face costly repairs or replacements in the future. If your roof is leaking, then you will need to repair it as quickly as possible. If those leaks aren’t fixed soon enough, they’ll eventually cause larger problems and may require a complete replacement of the roof structure or shingles. And if that’s the case, we highly recommend you install a new roof and replace your roof in Baton Rouge, LA

You don’t want to be worrying about your roof when you could be spending that time with family. The roof is a major part of your home – if it leaks then you could end up with mold or water damage in the interior walls. But regularly maintaining your roof means that this never happens, and any small issues are fixed before they have a chance to become bigger problems. A well-maintained roof will make it more resistant to weather damage, thus protecting the interior of your home from water leaks.

 A well-maintained roof can reduce energy costs and provide a barrier against outside noise pollution. Roof maintenance also reduces the risk of fires by inspecting for dry leaves or other potential fire hazards on top of the roof’s roof is less likely to leak, which will reduce water damage inside and save on future repairs. 

 The cost for maintenance is much lower than the replacement costs if you should need it in the coming years. The cost of the roof repairs will vary depending on what’s wrong with it; however, waiting for problems to worsen before taking action can cause a higher than necessary expense in both time and money. Maintenance is an investment that will increase the lifespan of your roof! Regular maintenance helps to prevent sudden leaks and costly repair bills. You’ll be spending more money, but you’re saving time and your health! 

Roof installation and repair also help to avoid potential health hazards by reducing mold and mildew growth on the roof’s surface. Regular maintenance checks may also help you find a possible leak before there is major damage to your home’s interior or exterior walls from water seepage. So call today and let’s give you some free estimates about your roof repair in Baton Rouge, LA

The good thing is that roofing systems that are older often make it crystal clear that they call for replacement. It isn’t atypical for people to simply replace their roofing systems after they hit a certain age as well. If you want to avoid having to cover potentially costly repair projects, you may want to replace your roofing system before it even gets the opportunity to give you problems. Doing so may actually help you decrease your expenses when all is said and done.

What are some things that can denote a roof that’s overdue for replacement service? A roof that leaks water nonstop usually is in pretty bad condition. If incessant water leakage has brought on the unwelcome and unsightly presence of water stains all over your ceilings and walls, then that most likely means that your roofing system is on its way out.

Take a look at the appearance of your roof. If you see damage, then replacement may be essential. Sparse sections often point to granules that are lost. Look inside of your gutters. If you notice the curious accumulation of granules inside of them, then that’s yet another big clue to consider seriously.

Other indications of a roof that needs to be replaced are moss development, algae growth, streaking and split shingles. Contemplate the many other households that are in your community, too. Odds are high that these people live in homes that were built around the same time as yours. If people in your neighborhood have started replacing their roofing systems in recent times, then that may mean that you should think in detail about doing the same exact thing.

We can provide you with quality roof replacements or repairs. Our professional roofing contractors are trained in the latest technologies and materials.

Don’t miss out on our free estimates and quotes for your next project.. If you’re for excellent value for your hard-earned money, our budget-friendly rates will be right up your alley. Contact our Baton Rouge, LA Roofing Company today for a free estimate and experience why we say “The Proof Is In The Roof”.

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