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Are Skylight Repairs Covered By Insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance (HOI) includes specific insurance protections for private homes and their contents. Most homeowners have HOI to protect their homes as lenders require it before they grant a mortgage loan. Among other damage types, HOI usually covers damage to the roof. This is the area of the house that is most exposed to the elements. Skylights are a part of HOI and should be considered.


The most serious risk that HOI protects against is damage to the home, which includes garages and outbuildings. It also protects you against theft or damage to your home. If homeowners need temporary housing while their home undergoes repairs, HOIs may provide financial compensation. The homeowner’s negligence can also be covered by HOI.

An HOI policy typically includes a list listing contractors approved by the insurer to perform specific repairs to the house. These contractors are usually covered by the homeowner’s HOI warranty. Each policy and provider will have different coverage limits. The minimum coverage limits will be determined by the mortgage lender based on the mortgage’s value and other factors. For certain risks that the primary policy cannot cover, a supplemental HOI might be required.

Roof Leaks

Due to the potential for roof leaks to cause damage quickly, homeowners should be concerned. Roofs are directly exposed to the sky, so they can be subject to severe weather conditions like hail, strong winds, and extreme temperatures. Cracks can result from temperature changes. Hail and wind can damage roofing materials such as shingles. Roof leaks can occur from all of these factors over time.

In determining whether an HOI policy will pay for roof repairs, the most important thing is to determine the exact cause. Every policy comes with a declaration page that lists the open perils and hazards that it covers. These are some of the most common hazards that can lead to roof leaks:

  • Weather disturbances like hurricanes, tornadoes, and hail
  • Volcanoes are an example of a specific natural disaster.
  • Accumulation of snow/ice
  • Fire and smoke

Unless the policy excludes it, HOI generally covers roof leaks caused by natural causes or unintended occurrences.

Skylight and Roof Repair

The HOI policies usually focus on the causes of damage rather than the structural elements. Skylights are rarely mentioned in these policies. It doesn’t really matter if the cause is from the skylight or any other part of your roof. As long as the skylight meets certain standards, and has been properly installed, the policy will cover it. Skylights are safe in normal weather, but hail and severe winds pose a risk.

Tornadoes and hurricanes can create alternating pressure which can cause damage to the skylight’s structure. Hail can also crack or break a skylight. Your claim for damage to your Skylight will likely be successful if it is deemed that the damage was caused by natural hazards rather than poor installation or neglect.

There are exceptions

To determine your coverage for damage caused to your skylight, it is important to check your policy for a hail or wind exclusion. This clause is the most likely reason your claim will fail. Therefore, you should review your policy every year prior to the storm season in your region and determine if additional coverage is required.

When assessing your coverage for skylight damage repair, it is important to review the common exclusion clause of your policy. This clause may contain language that requires proper maintenance of roof accessories. Even if it doesn’t mention skylights, the common exclusion clause should. Mold can form around skylights in humid environments, creating health hazards and damage. If the mold growth was due to weather conditions or poor maintenance, the cost of removal would usually be covered. You may consider purchasing a supplemental policy to cover mold damage in your skylight if you live in an area where mold is common.

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